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I grew up exploring New England woods and rockhounding in Nova Scotia. A geology degree led to oil exploration in Wyoming and Utah but I enjoyed developing minds more than hydrocarbons so paths led to a teaching career and being involved with science education reform here in Washington.

I've been hiking the North Cascades for over 30 years. Frequent trips over Route 20 led to researching and writing The North Cascades Highway, A Roadside Guide to America’s Alps published by the University of Washington Press in 2013.

After a North Cascades Institute workshop, some students and I were inspired to found a high school Environmental Arts Club to get into the woods and practice photography, drawing and writing. Here's a map of our field trips. Lately, we've been renovating two abandoned greenhouses to build an aquaponics system and grow food for the community. 


Being outdoors is life. Mountain air, garden soil, deep snow, textured granite, woodland greens and creekside sounds are all sources of peace and inspiration.


Contact me at jackmcphoto@gmail.com



 Photo by Bob Stoddard

Photo by Bob Stoddard